Hey there, welcome to a world of young adornments. Welcome to a world that provides the perfect intersection between quality and affordability.

Welcome to LIORE’e , a New York based baby boutique. Here on LIORE’e , we offer everything a parent would love to have for his or her babies – all under one roof.
We appreciate the fads and evolution process that children go through, which is why we regularly update our store with new products to keep parents and their little ones happy all round the clock. Here on LIORE’e , we source the most extensive range of handmade baby crystal products globally. We are 100% dedicated and therefore go beyond borders to present you with luxurious, stylish yet highly affordable products for little kids, babies as well as expectant moms.


We are not just another brand on the internet. We are a brand with an equal passion for babies like a parent’s. In a bid to adorn every baby correctly, all our products are sourced and approved by real mums and dads, who understand what parents want for their kids. This means we’ve always got what every parent wants for their little ones. We don’t stop there; we ensure that every process from the moment you place an order right down to the minute it’s delivered to your doorstep is hassle-free. Feel free having a look at our timeless products that'll make your little one standout!!!