Round Evil Eye Paci

Evil Eye
available for orders between $35 - $1,000
  • This charming one of a kind evil eye Swarovski crystal pacifiers are a fine accessory for a baby.
  • The evil eye has been used as a way to protect your baby from negative spirit for many centuries.
  • This Nuk style nipple ensures correct placement in baby's mouth and encourages healthy oral exercise.
Description This pearl crystal embellished pacifier will be a showstopper! Suitable for a little prince or princess in your life. It has the classic amount of sparkle and beauty that would present this as an excellent baby accessory.
Material Orthodontic pacifier and non-toxic, hygienically designed, natural bite-resistant materials produced to form naturally in the mouth, satisfying babies need for supplemental sucking.
Product care Wash by hand with lukewarm soapy water. Use only PH neutral substance

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