It’s not too late to leave the world a better place
for our children and future generations
When you dress your babe in Lioree, you contribute to:
Safer baby clothing
Most babywear brands create clothing from synthetic fabrics that are toxic for humans and Mother Nature.
Frequently used fabrics like polyester, acrylic, and nylon are full of harmful chemicals that enter workers’ airways during production, seep into skin when worn, and rot in landfills for up to 200 years!
Our clothing is made from 100% natural materials that naturally break down over time, reducing waste and pollution. Perhaps more importantly, they keep your baby safe from toxic chemicals, pesticides, and harsh dyes that irritate skin and trigger allergies.
Less water wasted & healthier soils
We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of the textile industry. Our eco- friendly production practices use organic farming when possible, which minimizes the use of synthetic chemicals, conserves water, and nurtures soil health.
An empowered workforce
We work closely with our partners to ensure our clothing is produced under fair working conditions, supporting farmers and workers at every stage of production. This contributes to our larger goal of creating a more equitable and sustainable supply chain.
What makes our OEKO-TEX® 100
certification so special?

Every thread examined
Every component of our pieces must
comply with the strict OEKO-TEX® test
criteria: from the coating, outer material,
and stitching to the application and zipper.

High standards, everywhere
The test criteria are globally standardized
and updated at least once a year based
on new scientific information or statutory

Free from bias

Only neutral and independent OEKO-
TEX® test institutes can conduct reviews
and issue certificates.

Don’t take our word for it

You can check the validity of the
certification at any time using the
number on the label.

…And what about GOTS?

It’s organic, baby!

GOTS requires that a minimum of 95% of
the fibers we use are certified organic.
This means that our raw materials must
be produced without any nasties—like
synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or
genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

No yucky chemicals — at any

We don’t use ANY toxic or harmful
chemicals, such as chlorine bleach,
formaldehyde, and heavy metals, in the
entire production process.

Positive actions for the planet
We minimize our environmental impact
and promote sustainable production
practices, including reducing water and
energy usage while ensuring proper
wastewater management.

Workers are treated fairly
We ensure fair treatment and working
conditions for the people who make our
clothing. This looks like keeping factory
workers safe during production,
preventing any use of child labor, and
following internationally recognized labor

Starts at the source
Our materials can be traced throughout
every stage of the supply chain, from the
production of the fibers to the finished
product. That means you can trust (and
verify!) that our clothes are organic and

Free & clear
Just like OEKO-TEX® 100, our GOTS
certification is granted by independent
third-party organizations that have
conducted rigorous inspections before
granting us that sweet, shiny sticker.