Pacifiers & Clips

Pacifiers & Clips

Our best seller pacifiers are embellished with sparkly crystals in gorgeous designs. All of our pacifiers are Nuk style pacifiers and BPA free, designed for the natural oral development of your baby. A matching pacifier clip is available as a set or as an additional purchase. 


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limited edition
Initial Pearl Crystal Pacifier
Luxury Baby Name Pacifier & Clip Set
Personalized Baby Name Pacifier & Initial Clip Set
Baby Pacifier's Clips
Baby Pacifier's Clips Sale price$32.00
Initial Pearl Paci & Clip Set
Initial Custom Made Paci
Initial Custom Made Paci Sale price$42.00
Baby Name Pacifier & Clip Set
Initial Custom Made Clips
Initial Custom Made Clips Sale price$32.00
Crystals Binky Case
Crystals Binky Case Sale price$40.00
Glaring Royal Paci
Glaring Royal Paci Sale price$40.00
Teddy Bear Pearl Paci Sale price$40.00
Initial Pearl Clip
Initial Pearl Clip Sale price$36.00
Rose Gold Bling Paci & Clip Set
Bling- Bling Set
Bling- Bling Set Sale price$100.00
Round Evil Eye Paci
Round Evil Eye Paci Sale price$42.00
Bimba Pacifier
Bimba Pacifier Sale price$48.00
Heart Glam Baby Set
Heart Glam Baby Set Sale price$200.00